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Impact Factory Podcasts

Welcome to Impact Factory Podcasts. 

Jo Ellen Grzyb, one of our Founders and Directors, and our most senior training consultants share with you thought-provoking and inspiring ideas on how to develop your people for optimum performance and help your organisation be more agile and dynamic to respond to the constant changes and new challenges.

Enjoy the listening.   

Jun 3, 2019

Resilience refers to how well we can deal with adversity and bounce back. In this podcast, Jo Ellen Grzyb, Founder Director of Impact Factory, and Paul Hughes, one of our trainers and ex-Chelsea and Southampton mid-fielder, discuss the psychology behind resilient people, teams and businesses, and the importance of learning how to ride the waves of uncertainty in the times we’re living.

They explore the differences between resilience and endurance and offer practical tips to increase your self-awareness to identify these triggers that may undermine the way you respond to challenges in a positive way.