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Impact Factory Podcasts

Welcome to Impact Factory Podcasts. 

Jo Ellen Grzyb, one of our Founders and Directors, and our most senior training consultants share with you thought-provoking and inspiring ideas on how to develop your people for optimum performance and help your organisation be more agile and dynamic to respond to the constant changes and new challenges.

Enjoy the listening.   

Nov 29, 2016

Social drinks, company parties, mince pies, carol singing, present wrapping, morning frost and family gatherings. Christmas or the Festive Season, as you wish, is around the corner.

How to survive Christmas or the Festive Season (as you wish)

Learn with Jo Ellen Grzyb and Katherine Grice how to have a stress free...

Sep 27, 2016

What makes good customer service? Could authenticity and consistent real care delivered by organisations of all sectors be the key to increase customer retention and profitability?

In this podcast, Jo Ellen Grzyb, Dom Kracmar and Isabel Pollen explain how clear communication, genuine interest, positive language, humour...

Aug 18, 2016

Humans are pattern making ‘machines’ if you will.  We do a lot of things by rote for very good reasons.  Our bodies are made up of interlinking ‘systems’ and those systems operate through patterns that we never ever think about….until we are ill.  When we are ill it’s because one of those systems is out...

Jul 12, 2016

What makes a good leader especially in the uncertain times we’re living in?

As a leader, your success depends upon your ability to get things done: up, down and across all lines in good times and in times of crisis. To do so, you must be persuasive and convincing to win hearts and minds.

Are the best leaders born with...

Jun 13, 2016

Negotiation is a game and those who enjoy playing are the best negotiators by far.

Calling a game might make it sound frivolous; negotiation can be serious stuff. That's one of the things at the top that make negotiating such a trial- it can feel like a life or death, do or die, last man standing kind of thing, which...