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Impact Factory Podcasts

Welcome to Impact Factory Podcasts. 

Jo Ellen Grzyb, one of our Founders and Directors, and our most senior training consultants share with you thought-provoking and inspiring ideas on how to develop your people for optimum performance and help your organisation be more agile and dynamic to respond to the constant changes and new challenges.

Enjoy the listening.   

Mar 23, 2016

We're hardwired to listen, remember and repeat stories: a hero, an antihero, the struggle and the final victory. It's the most basic way of communicating and remembering ideas, and businesses aren't indifferent to it.

Aware of that, the most successful companies, the ones positioning and differentiating themselves in the market, like Apple, connect with the audience by trying to create an emotional response from us. We buy not just their products, but also their values and what they stand for.

Here you have Impact Factory's take on storytelling. Listen to our podcast and learn a few tricks to use in your business and boost your sales. The key is to find common ground between your offering and your customers' needs.