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Impact Factory Podcasts

Welcome to Impact Factory Podcasts. 

Jo Ellen Grzyb, one of our Founders and Directors, and our most senior training consultants share with you thought-provoking and inspiring ideas on how to develop your people for optimum performance and help your organisation be more agile and dynamic to respond to the constant changes and new challenges.

Enjoy the listening.   

Mar 6, 2019

Humans are the most important asset for organisations. Despite technological advances changing -even improving – our lives and our jobs, it’s all for nothing without humans at the core.

Jo Ellen Grzyb and Sarah Creevey discuss the latest neuroscience studies that focus on the plasticity of the brain (an organ that is far more nimble and agile than any software or app) and how people learn.

It’s all about motivation and upping the ante to absorb new information - and allowing emotions to be expressed.  It’s about providing lots of opportunities to practice and to build on what we already do well - all of which create associations that stick. This is precisely Impact Factory’s training method since 1991, now fully backed by neuroscience.

Impact Factory