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Impact Factory Podcasts

Welcome to Impact Factory Podcasts. 

Jo Ellen Grzyb, one of our Founders and Directors, and our most senior training consultants share with you thought-provoking and inspiring ideas on how to develop your people for optimum performance and help your organisation be more agile and dynamic to respond to the constant changes and new challenges.

Enjoy the listening.   

Mar 21, 2019

Any kind of change, specially within organisations, could be challenging.

Jo Ellen Grzyb and Sarah Dawrant discuss the importance of leading people through change by transparent communication, personal commitment with the teams and acknowledgment of people’s emotional stages when facing change, as explained by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross and her Change Curve.

Jo Ellen and Sarah also offer the best advice for organisations to become more competitive and ready to accelerate change: introduce regular small changes and allow people to express their ideas to create an open and engaging culture.

Impact Factory